Candice Teresa Neaves is a holistic health and wellness advocate, yoga teacher, organic farmer and mother of two beautiful girls, Shama and Samaya. She enjoys living a simple and healthy lifestyle ~ off-grid and very close to nature with her family in the Hawaiian Islands.


Candice’s purpose on the planet is to support the healing of humanity and our relationship to Mother Earth. Her intention is to inspire millions to fully embody their most healthy and radiant selves and discover the tools needed to manage stress and anxiety and find balance within.  She teaches her clients how to move beyond limiting belief patterns and step into living a joyful and abundant lifestyle.


Spreading conscious awareness, love and healing is her greatest passion.


Candice has been studying health and wellness for the last fifteen years, supporting clients with cleansing and detoxification protocols, teaching yoga and navigating her own healing and very transformative journey.


She successfully healed herself from medically diagnosed depression, eczema, psoriasis AND what doctors termed “infertility” using plants, prayer, yoga, meditation and holistic healing modalities. Through her own journey she's learned how to harness the power of the mind, how to LISTEN to the body and honor what it is asking for, and how to identify the root cause of disease and work with mental/emotional states to bring healing to the physical body. 


Candice recognizes the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit and is living proof of the power of nature, alternative medicine and positive thinking.