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Welcome to Earth Rising Wellness. It is our joy to support you on your path to experiencing radiant womb health and optimal fertility, enlivening your creativity and birthing your children, projects and other creative endeavors into the world.

Our fertility IS our vitality. Your body is a healing MIRACLE.

Allow us to support you as you journey deeper into the magic and wisdom of your womb. 

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“On the path of conscious conception, we come to know ourselves. Our own healing extends to our entire lineage ~ past, present and future. Each experience on the journey shapes who we are, the parents we will be and how we relate to our children. These experiences have the power to heal humanity and to help us heal our relationship to our Mother Earth.” 

Candice Teresa Neaves, Founder of Earth Rising Wellness

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A Holistic Approach to Opening the Pathway to Motherhood


Herbal Wisdom, Intuitive Pregnancy and Homebirthing in Nature


Honoring the Sacred Window, Bonding with Baby and Restorative Recovery

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Candice Teresa Neaves is a RYT and Natural Fertility and Womb Health Coach. She helps women who are having difficulty getting pregnant, navigating womb imbalances (including heavy, painful, irregular or nonexistent periods, blocked tubes, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids & cysts) and those desiring to consciously prepare for conception to attune to the wisdom of their bodies to heal themselves in mind, body and spirit, balance their wombs and naturally conceive their children.

After finding out both of her fallopian tubes were blocked and receiving a diagnosis of “infertility” she intuitively healed herself and naturally conceived and birthed her two daughters into the world after doctors told her she would NEVER conceive naturally.


Candice teaches women how they too can heal themselves, completely naturally, and meet the children they have been longing to hold and love, despite what they may have been told by medical professionals about their age, womb health and ability to conceive.

Candice began working as a Holistic Health Coach in 2008 supporting clients with cleansing and detoxification protocols, nutrition and reconnection to the Earth. After 18 years of dedicated personal yoga practice, she received her yoga teacher certification in 2012 and began teaching yoga and mediation. She enjoys guiding clients back to the wisdom of their own bodies and teaching them how to identify the root causes of disease and work with mental and emotional states to bring healing to the physical body. 

Candice recognizes the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit and is living proof of the power of nature, alternative medicine and positive thinking.


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