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Fertility/Womb Course Research Call

20-30 minute market research call with Candice Neaves

  • 30 minutes
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Service Description

I’m looking to speak with 10-30 women in the next few weeks who are curious about womb healing and methods for healing “infertility” naturally. I’m in the process of creating a powerful experience to support women to awaken their fertility naturally, heal their wombs and blossom fully in their creative potential. I would LOVE to ask YOU some personal questions. Your participation will help me to curate an experience that will support millions of women to heal naturally and usher in a new era of babies conceived in consciousness, radiant health and vitality! Together we are Birthing the New Earth! If you… 🌸 Are seeking to embark on a journey of healing your womb and connecting to your womb wisdom 🌸 Are currently trying to conceive, want to conceive in the future OR don’t necessarily want to birth children but DO want to step into your FULL CREATIVE POTENTIAL and remove any blockages 🌸 Have experienced womb imbalances such as (heavy/painful cycles, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, abnormal paps, lack of menstrual cycle, etc) and would like to learn more about natural methods of healing and balancing the womb 🌸 Are feeling the pull to embrace a more holistic, natural lifestyle and approach to fertility and are not sure where to start OR feel like you’ve tried it all and are looking for a fresh perspective 🌸 Are curious about how working with plants, holistic modalities and emotional healing can awaken fertility and unlock creative potential 🌸 Are ready to embrace the journey of conception and heightening creativity from a deeply SPIRITUAL and NATURAL perspective …then this will be a beautiful conversation. 💜 We will need about 20-30 minutes. In exchange for your participation, you will be the first to know when the waiting list for our upcoming course opens up! I'm looking forward to speaking with you soon! With Love and Gratitude, Candice

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